Thursday, February 9, 2012

Stupid People become the victims of stupid things

Now, I realise it is likely not a very popular or even understanding opinion but honestly, I had to laugh when I first watched this video. I am not someone who gets off on the pain of others, and I don't really find the fact that this news anchor required hospitalisation and medical treatment funny - what amuses me is the stupidity shown in the first place to do what she did.

Based on the news articles I have read, to get the background on this particular story, this Argentinian Mastiff fell through some ice after getting loose and chasing a coyote. So - within 24 hours a dog gets loose, falls into some ice and has to be rescued, likely got poked and prodded by vets and police, has had cameras and lights and news studios in his vicinity and then some tv anchorwoman shoving her face into his.

And we're surprised he bit her? 

Would you go up to a dog you didn't know, a dog you had never seen before and stick your face in its face? Would you even do that with a dog you were semi familiar with? Dogs, like most animals including people, do not like to be crowded and have their space closed in on. So when you have a dog that is being held by a collar by the policeman behind him, what would possess you to think that cramping this strange dog you have never ever seen before would be a safe and smart thing to do?

I understand that the owner should be cited for 'leash violations' and vaccination issues, but I cannot fathom why they should be held responsible for a tv anchorwoman's stupidity. You shove your face in my dog's face, not knowing that dog and after it had been through a bit of an ordeal, what do you expect to happen. I can tell you I won't be paying any ticket if they react to your invasion. Serves you right for being a dickhead.

Again, I don't find the actual trauma itself funny, but the stupidity is amusing and really - I have no sympathy whatsoever for anyone who doesn't engage the lump 2 feet above their ass.

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