Saturday, February 11, 2012

Facebook Parenting: For the troubled teen.

I was asked tonight what my take on this was. This was my response:

Children who have laptops bought for them, who have internet accounts paid for by their parents and who don't have to go out to a job every day to work for all the nice things they have really shouldn't bitch about the people that provide those things to them. Granted, shooting the laptop was overkill but its HIS laptop, its his internet. She wants a laptop and the ability to bitch about her lazy folks then she should go out, get a job, buy it herself and pay for it herself. Otherwise, she should shut up and just be grateful she gets those things in the first place.

First computer I ever owned I bought with my own money that I had to work to save up for. Kids today are ungrateful and expect simply because the technology is there, that they are entitled to ipads and iphones and wii's and the like. You want it - you fucking earn it yourself. Personally, if I was her parent I would have sold the laptop and taken the other half out for dinner with the money from it or something - and made a point of letting her know that I had sold *MY* laptop because she was obviously ungrateful and didn't deserve to have such luxuries given to her. Maybe then she would appreciate things her parents provide a little more, and be a little less critical.

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