Tuesday, October 2, 2012

Brief update...more detail to follow

Ok so I have been both slack and extremely busy but I thought if I at least blog the bullet points of the things going on I will be more inclined to come back and elaborate on said bullet points, instead of just putting off blogging altogether. We shall see if it works that way! Haha.

Anyway so here's what's been happening so far:

* Back tattoo mural almost complete. Just one session to go
* Resolution on sexual assault compensation from 2006. Cheque banked.
* Resolution on invoice from solicitor. Secondary cheque on its way.
* Resolution on home loan refinance disputes. Very happy with Defence Bank.
* Continued issues with professionalism at work. Ongoing.
* Still waiting to hear from QPol on my application. Will ring them in a week or so.
* Signed on to be an ENJO Consultant. Pretty excited.
* Had to postpone business launch for above as no one was able to make it. Was super disappointed.
* Rescheduled business launch for October 15. So far only 2 RSVP's. Disappointed that some of my friends haven't even bothered to reply yet.
* Euthanised MWD Que, my shift pool dog, last friday. Unit won't fund her cremation - section to submit complaint regarding this. Have arranged her cremation myself for $285. Only 1 person has chipped in from work so far - VERY disappointing.
* Now faced with the dilemma, given I will have paid for the cremation - do I take her ashes to work and give them to the section or do I keep them at home, since obviously no one else really gives a shit?
* Trying to get leave in November to go visit Gary and Kazuki in Japan but manning issues are likely to prevent this. Will update further.
* Managing uni alright, doing ok with assignments so far results wise - need to do some more reading these coming days off.
* Ran a PB on my PFT this month - basketball, umpiring and training with Alli is certainly reaping rewards!.

So that's whats been happening with me.