Tuesday, February 21, 2012



It apparently makes the world go round - it can't buy you love - it doesn't make you happy (though it certainly can go a long way towards helping). I have known what it is like to not have a lot of money before, to only be able to afford food for 3 or 4 days and then to simply go hungry until my next pay. A lot of people struggle today as a result of the GFC and increases in basic commodities. Food prices have gone up, petrol prices continue to rise. Energy and gas prices are increasing, as is water and other basic necessities. 

I have known my fair share of people who seemingly throw money around like it grows on trees, who are so comfortable that their idea of a treat or gift to someone is something outlandish like a motorbike. I am sure, if I had that kind of funds, I wouldn't indulge in those kind of things but that is mainly because of my previous experiences with money and the issues I have had.

I recently renovated my kitchen, at ridiculously low prices thanks to the generosity of a friend of mine. I am currently planning renovations on my bathroom, again at low cost (looking at around the $1000 mark). Now, I know that the money I am spending is increasing the value of my property and is making the space I live in more comfortable and enjoyable for me. But it is still a hurdle to spend that sort of money on myself. I still have to remind myself that it's 'good spending', that I am not wasting my money on frivolous things.

I grew up learning that if you wanted something, you worked for it and earned it. If you *needed* it, it was provided for you, but if you wanted something - you earned the money to pay for it. 

I don't know - this post really had no purpose or argument. It was more just a venting/explanation of my own little quirky 'issue' with spending money on myself.

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