Wednesday, February 29, 2012

Empty Words

They seem to be everywhere. At the moment, with State elections looming and federal leadership challenges, our televisions are being bombarded with empty words, promises that may or may not be met (and I tend to lean towards the may not), bickering and finger pointing and blame games that don't seem to take into consideration what the public actually really wants, or what would really help to improve the lives of people within the community. Take Campbell Newman - former Lord Mayor of Brisbane who decided to abandon his role there so he could jump straight into the leadership position of the Liberal Party in the hopes of being elected Premier of the State. He was recently at a Christian Lobby Forum reaffirming his party's intention to repeal same sex civil union legislation when previously (and I suspect conveniently) claiming to support same sex marriage.

But empty words are not just limited to the bantering and promises of politicians. They are everywhere. We are all guilty of them. How many times have people said they will do something or share something or say something only to let time slip by and the matter fade into non-existence, whether intentionally or not? How many times have you said something, secretly hoping that the person you say it to will forget and not actually call you on it? How many times have you felt like you are the only person who is giving of yourself, or really sharing things - that the two way street is in fact only one way and has been for quite some time?

Empty words have become so common place I don't think people actually recognise them clearly much anymore. I don't believe people really see when they are being fed bullshit by those close to them. We all recognise it from politicians and people in prominent positions of power, and we all jump up and down and vent our thoughts and frustrations on social networking sites and blogs similar to this, but do we recognise when its happening by someone not on the TV, someone not impacting upon the lives of the masses? Do we jump up and down and vent all over FB or twitter etc etc? Probably not. 

Are empty words just a part of every day life now that we all have to come to accept and just deal with, or should we be putting our foot down and stating emphatically that it is no longer acceptable? 

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