Friday, February 24, 2012

MARY POPPINS in Australia

Over the rooftops, step in time
Over the rooftops, step in time
Never need a reason,
Never need a rhyme... step in time!

So I took myself off to see this at the Lyric Theatre last night and can I just say A-MAZING!!! Utterly brilliant. I had a fabulous time!

It hadn't necessarily started that way. Slight wardrobe melt downs ensued when I realised I don't necessarily own anything that would fall within the casual dress category. It bugged me, which was actually rather surprising, that I couldn't really find anything suitable to wear. So much so that for a time I didn't actually want to go. What is it, I wonder, that makes us so concerned with the impressions and opinions of complete and total strangers - to the point where we allow it to encroach upon our enjoyment of something special? And then there is the going out in and of itself. Whilst it was fabulous and I loved it, sitting down at a table on my own in a crowded restaurant, to eat a meal before the show just made me hyper aware of the fact that I was there alone. Again, what is it that makes this seem like a negative? Why do we let it bother us?

I was glad that I went out, I thoroughly enjoyed the show and have determined that it is something I will make the effort to do a little more often (but not so much that it is no longer special). And for some reason - insert negativity - I have decided to upgrade my wardrobe with some more suitable dress clothing. Why though, do I then have that small voice in my head asking me what the point is, since I would be going on my own. I wonder why we do this to ourselves...

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