Sunday, January 15, 2012

PSR B1257+12 B

So today's random Wiki search yielded this article:

Extrasolar planet! Not only an extrasolar planet but the first planet ever discovered outside of our solar system. The planet, apparently is over 4 times the size of Earth.

Just the mere fact that planets outside of our solar system have been discovered leads you to consider life in the universe other than our own. Now, I have always been a believer in extraterrestrial life - aliens and all that. I don't really subscribe to the hollywood commercialized perception, though you can't really discount people's apparent accounts of contact.

We don't even know how big the universe is. I dare say we will never really know. There will always be undiscovered areas, undiscovered solar systems and planets, life forms that are created and move through their cycles to extinction without ever coming to our attention. To presume we are the only intelligent life in the universe, or even really in our own solar system, for my mind is completely arrogant and egocentric.

While I don't think it will eventuate to be quite like the "Star Trek" we are all familiar with, I would like to think that in time (long after everything I am and know of is dead and gone) society will have advanced its exploration of space, its discovery of new things and its acceptance of those things that seem so fantastical.

What an adventure there is yet to be had!

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