Monday, January 30, 2012


I have never been to Africa and truth be told, it is not really that high on my list of places that I want to visit. My mum went to South Africa a number of years ago and though there were aspects of her trip that were beautiful and once in a lifetime kinds of things, there were a lot of scary, dangerous things that happened to her that made her so thankful to step foot back on Australian soil. There are things that I would love to see, a safari with native wildlife and what not. I have seen lions and elephants etc in open plain zoos but there would be something about seeing them in the wild that would be amazing I think. But then I weigh up that enjoyment against all of the things that I know I wouldn't enjoy - the abject poverty, the blatant discrimination, the intolerance for people of my lifestyle choices - and I think maybe just going to the zoo would be safer.

Random and completely unrelated thought, though it makes me chuckle - when I pretend to throw the toy for Saba at work, she bounds off like a Gazelle then stops and looks around at me once she has worked out that I haven't thrown it. *chuckles*

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