Sunday, January 15, 2012

Welcome to my soapbox!

So I thought I would set myself a mini challenge of sorts. Quite often a see people doing a 365 day photo challenge on FB. But I started to think, well for one what does that teach me or anyone else? Two, how many pictures, at the end of 365 days will look strangely similar? And three, how interesting can it be really?

So instead I decided, since I am really not at all that talented cooking wise (and I wouldn't want to simply jump onto the tail coats of my fabulous friends who are kitchen whizzes), that I would simply create my own little opinion corner.

Each day (unless life gets in my way and I get swamped) I will blog about something random, an opinion I have on something specific or just my thoughts on life in general. To start with I intend to use the random search functions of wonderful things like wiki and google to prompt my posts (and hey, I may just learn about something interesting I didn't know about before hand).

So welcome to my little soap box. I hope you find the read entertaining, enjoyable and illuminating in some way.

Peace out!

PNut xxx

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