Friday, May 25, 2012

State of Origin Fight Game 1 2012

I find it amusing, in the days since the big game, to listen to a lot of the talk and whinging going on with the various calls made during the game. Granted, if QLD were on the losing side of the equation the same kind of whining would be going on - but even then, I would find it ridiculous and amusing.

NSW Supporters are crying foul over a controversial decision awarding QLD a try - why? The rules were clearly and directly applied by the third umpire. Even the NSW coach says he thinks it was a try (and that was rather shocking. I think we all expected Ricky Stuart to jump up and down). So why are supporters, in the face of such reactions, still crying foul? It was game one people. There is still game two to redeem yourselves. And really - I think QLD were clagging towards the end and lucky to hold on for the win. Focus on that and not how hard done by you think you were.

And as for Jennings - anyone who runs in from over 40 m away into something that doesn't involve them, swinging with a king hit like he did DESERVES to be sent from the field. Think about who is watching the game, the responsibility you have as elite sports people and the message you are sending to younger players and then tell me that being such a DICKHEAD and a COMPLETE TOOL is acceptable.

Get real!

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