Sunday, June 2, 2013

It seems that everywhere I turn people are getting together, getting engaged or married, making babies and settling into domesticated bliss. It seems like that is the price I am having to pay for the career ambitions that I have.

Start dating a nice person - get deployed.
Get dumped via text message - get sent home from deployment for promotion.
Get ready for promotion course that will run for 6 months - get posted.

Not sure where I am meant to fit in meeting someone and starting a relationship.

Hell I can't even work out how to meet someone just for some no-commitment-consensual adult fun.

Maybe I am destined to be exactly like my mother - alone, workaholic, unable to commit myself to someone.

Who the fuck knows.

1 comment:

  1. Hi got your message on my blog - glad to see the parcel turned up. We are moving to Kakadu tomorrow for a few days. We have been waiting for a parcel from Victoria. Keep your chin up one day you will meet someone extremely special and they will not go away. See you later in the year - Pauline and Stephen