Saturday, June 30, 2012

Jessica Simpson's $4 Million Weight Watchers Deal

I understand the idea behind a famous person being a spokesperson for WW or Jenny Craigs etc. We even have it here in Aus. At the moment Dame Edna etc are the current JC spokes people. People associate the celebrity with the company and it improves their marketability. I do get it from a business perspective.

But I sure bet every other new mum out there who put on excess baby weight would love even a slither of the $4mil dollars someone with more money than sense is getting for going through something most people are trying to deal with.

Why should we reward celebrities for getting 'fat' and then doing something about it? Can she afford a fancy personal trainer already - YES. Does she need the $4mil - NO. And yet we are going to throw money at her for doing something she should do for her kid anyway, and be happy about it?

Want to be a spokesperson for a weight loss company and get paid for doing it.....want to really impress people with who you are and what you stand for? Donate the money to charity. You need to lose weight - you don't need $4mil to do it. If its only because of the money then you're going to fail. And then what do you stand for?

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