Sunday, March 18, 2012

Where do you go?????

So it is pretty straight forward to say that I dropped off through face of the earth for a while there. In my defence I recently had some surgery that was more than a little painful. That brings me to my musings today.

Pain tolerances.

Its quite funny to me to see the vast differences in peoples ability to withstand pain. Is it all just a mental thing or is there a chemical imbalance or difference in those people who cannot stand any great amounts of pain compared with other people. I consider myself someone who has a fairly high pain threshold but this recent surgery even had me in tears at varying times. I would say, even with all the injuries and tattoos I have, the only things that hurt more were third degree burns I sustained to my arm one year and my torn acl and meniscus in my knee. Even that is closely on par to the pain I experienced after the LIS procedure.

Would people say men have a higher pain tolerances than women? Some would say no given women endure child birth and the like but others might be inclined to think they do given the labor type jobs and working conditions men traditionally kept in the past. I am not entirely sure.  I think it depends on the type of pain and the reason for it. Almost any pain is endurable I think if it is for something more valuable. Women endure the pain of childbirth because they are bringing life into the world. People endure the pain of wounds/injuries because their life is more valuable (when the wound doesn't claim it obviously).

I think it comes down to mental toughness, preparedness and I do believe or a
least wonder if there is anything scientific to point to a legitimate explanation of why pain thresholds differ between individuals.

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